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Look no further, Phil has presented all over the world delivering world class content that will leave your attendees wanting more.



Topics range from:

Motivational & Inspirational: Phil shares his personal stories of overcoming his brush with death in a terrorist attack and how he was able to rebuild his life building businesses and literally climbing the worlds tallest mountains for charity.

Business Strategies for Success: By turning his passions into profit Phil created a multimillion dollar enterprise, turning over in excess of 25 million dollars in his first decade of business. Phil will share with you the steps and strategies he used to build, grow and monetise his businesses.

Other Topics:

  • Mindsets For Success
  • Finding & Sharing Your Million Dollar Message
  • Turning Your Passion Into Profit Online & On Stage
  • Successful Sales Strategies
  • Leadership & Team Building Activities
  • Leaving a legacy

Phil is available for 30, 60, 90 minute keynote presentations and both half day and full day workships globally. Ask the events team today for Phil’s speaker kit.



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Experience Phil’s unique style of training where he combines skills, strategies and motivation to transform your audinece to achieve MASSIVE results.

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Phil regularly runs his own event's to help people make big differences in their life and or their businesses.

A faster an easier way to achieve business and personal success 

I remember vividly, how challenging and frustrating it was to know what you wanted to achieve but not know how to get it. I created Business Growth Mastery for people just like you who say “One day when I have … I’ll be happy” and continually find themselves just falling short, for those of you who feel they are simply ‘surviving’ Monday to Friday, instead of successfully building a business you’re proud of.

But most importantly, I created Business Growth Mastery to help people build a business that gives them both the money and the time they need to live life on their terms.

I know first hand how hard business is and how important it is to have someone in your corner, someone who has been there and done that, someone who can give you tried, tested and proven strategies that have work for thousands of people in all types of business models.

I run 3 different events you can attend:

Power To Succeed ( a three day total immersive personal development workshop)

Packaged Into Profit ( an in person event to help you find your passion and package it into products and programs you can sell online or on stage)

Business Growth Mastery (For business owners and entrepreneurs who want to really scale their results and 10 x their income.

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"Your talk really hit the mark and you left 180 Managers and support staff highly motivated with your down to earth and impactful presentation"

Jim Hanafee
Marketing Manager AHG