UNDEFEATED: The story of a Bali Bombing survivor Phil Britten

Get your very own copy of this heart wrenching and inspiring real life story.

Phil Britten’s taken the hardest hits and has shown his fighting spirit with the heart of a warrior. His story will humble all Australians. DANNY GREEN

From his carefree days growing up in country Western Australia, heading towards a promising AFL career, Phil Britten’s dreams were destroyed instantly when he was caught up in the Bali terrorist attacks of 2002.

After escaping the flames of the Sari Club, Phil had to fight hard to survive the months ahead and overcome his horrific burns injuries. But when the focus shifted from simply surviving to actually living, the real battle began. His mind made up to overcome his demons, Phil worked hard at getting his life back.

From being referred to as ‘disaster male 30’ at the start of his hospital treatment, to becoming an inspiration to his local community, Phil Britten finally tells of his courageous journey in his own words.

Book review

This was an amazing story and one that I won't forget for a long time. Phil Britten tells his story of the Bali Bombing with honesty and integrity. I felt for him every step of the way and can only admire him for not only surviving such an awful experience but actually living the life he wants after it. A truly inspirational man.



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